the Thunder


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THUNDER is a little persian cheetah who is looking his family and his identity with a couple companions.
within the way, there is a black wolf who is struggling ever...

In second season, the black wolf gives his role to a crazy scientist who wants to cache Thunder at any cost. This is the real threaten leads to extinction of cheetahs...

TVseries in FullHD

5 Seasons x 20 Episodes x 20 mins

It's rendered in Unreal engine!

We produce 5 episodes monthly via real time rendering!

Rights is open, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Sebyan Studio

General director: Mohammad Kheirandish Directors: Mohsen Shokrtalab-Pouya Hadiani-Amir Salehi-Mahdi Moallef/ Producer: Mohammad Hamedani/ Art-director: Mohammad Kheirandish/ Screenplay: Milad Parvaneh- Behman Nejati- Pouya Hadiani/ Technical director: Mostafa shahmardani/ Right holder: Sebyan(SkyFrame) - Saba - Saeno- Altinay - 2018/2020

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